Is A Hard Drive A Peripheral Device?

Is a speaker a peripheral device?

A peripheral or peripheral device is an ancillary device used to put information into and get information out of the computer.

An output device provides output from the computer, such as a computer monitor, projector, printer, headphones and computer speaker); and.


Is a hard disk drive a peripheral device?

Peripheral. A peripheral is a “device that is used to put information into or get information out of the computer.” There are three different types of peripherals: … Storage, which stores data processed by the computer (hard drives, flash drives, etc.)

Is CPU a peripheral device?

Peripheral devices are pieces of hardware that are connected to a computer but external to its central processing unit (CPU). … Some examples include mice, printers, and keyboards, which all attach to computers but do not impact its basic functions.

Is register a peripheral device?

Control and Status Registers. The basic interface between an embedded processor and a peripheral device is a set of control and status registers. These registers are part of the peripheral hardware and their locations, size, and individual meanings are features of the peripheral.

Is a USB a peripheral device?

Peripheral devices connect with a computer through several I/O interfaces, such as communications (COM), Universal Serial Bus (USB) and serial ports such as serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) ones. Peripheral devices include the following: Mouse. … USB Flash Drive.

What are peripheral devices why they are so called?

Answer: Internal and external devices are called peripheral devices that give input and output information for the computer. … Peripheral devices also called I/O devices because it functions the input and output for the computer.

What does peripheral mean?

1 : of, relating to, involving, forming, or located near a periphery or surface part (as of the body) 2 : of, relating to, affecting, or being part of the peripheral nervous system peripheral nerves. 3 : of, relating to, or being the outer part of the visual field good peripheral vision.

What is considered a peripheral device?

Peripheral device, also known as peripheral, computer peripheral, input-output device, or input/output device, any of various devices (including sensors) used to enter information and instructions into a computer for storage or processing and to deliver the processed data to a human operator or, in some cases, a …

What is not a peripheral device?

Memory is not a peripheral device because the data processed is stored inside memory and without a memory CPU and computer can not work. Storage or Hard Disk Drive is not a peripheral device because the processes data is stored inside the storage or hard disk drive for long term usage.

Are cables considered peripherals?

Peripheral devices can be external or internal. For example, a printer is an external device that you connect using a cable, while an optical disc drive is typically located inside the computer case. Internal peripheral devices are also referred to as integrated peripherals.

Is a DVD drive a peripheral device?

Common peripherals include printers, scanners, external hard drives, CD/DVD drives, and digital cameras. Many peripherals are considered to be input devices, because they allow you to input information.

What is another name for peripheral devices?

A peripheral device, also sometimes called an auxiliary device, is any connected device, internal or external, that provides a computer with additional functionality. Peripheral devices fall into three main categories: Input devices, which send data to the computer.

What is peripheral memory?

The Peripheral Memory is a software controlled memory, which resides in the I/O domain. It is linearly mapped to the computer address space and can be accessed by both CPU using memory access and I/O devices using DMA operations.

What is the most accurate description of a peripheral device?

A peripheral device is defined as a computer device, such as a keyboard or printer, that is not part of the essential computer (i.e., the memory and microprocessor). These auxiliary devices are intended to be connected to the computer and used.