Question: How Do You Use Lose And Loss?

Is it sorry for your lost or loss?

Although these two words are the beginning of the phrase, “I’m sorry for your loss,” they actually say more.

They say that you are sorry that your friend lost someone important.

They say that you are sorry that your friend has to keep it together during the funeral, when all she probably wants to do is collapse..

How do I say sorry for your loss?

Immediate Personal CondolencesI’m so sorry to hear of your loss.I’m stunned by this news. … My heart aches to hear this news. … I love you and I’m here for you.Please know that your friends love you and are here for you.I’m so sorry. … My deepest sympathies to you and your family.God bless you and your family.More items…•

What does loss of life mean?

: death : incidences of people dying loss of life at sea The accident caused enormous loss of life.

What is the different between LOSE and loss?

Loss means an instance of losing, such as a defeat when used as a noun. … It’s easy to confuse the noun and verb forms of words, especially when they are spelled very similarly. Loss is a noun that means “something that is lost, a detriment.” Lose is a verb that means “to come to be without something, to fail to retain.”

How do you use lose in a sentence?

Lose sentence examplesI lose some cattle every year. … What could he do about it but lose more sleep? … I lose to the others but win from you. … I won’t lose you again. … Tonight, I lose him forever. … Do you lose many cattle to wolves? … I didn’t want to lose you, but I didn’t want you to be unhappy like mother either.More items…

Is it loss or lost when someone dies?

Is it lost or loss? Both words have to do with losing something, but they are different parts of speech. Loss is a noun and refers to the act of losing. Lost is the past tense and past participle of to lose.

Did anyone lost or lose?

Lost is a verb. Loss is a noun.

What does lost mean?

1 : not made use of, won, or claimed a lost opportunity. 2a : no longer possessed a lost reputation. b : no longer known a lost tunnel. 3 : ruined or destroyed physically or morally : desperate a lost soul.

What a great loss or what a great loss?

Is it correct to say “a heavy loss” or a “a big loss” or “a great loss”? I’d sooner say “a heavy loss” (pesante) if the survivors continued to suffer after the person’s death. “A great loss” indicates the value and esteem of the departed. “A big loss” sounds tactless in regards to a person’s death.

What does it mean to lose the game?

Causing someone to lose The Game has a kamikaze-like effect. The original person loses, but they take someone else down with them. This often involves the admission of I just lost The Game. As soon as the other person hears about The Game, they automatically think of it, meaning they lose, too.

What does at a loss for words mean?

chiefly US. : unable to think of anything to say I was so surprised to see her that I was at a loss for words.

What is loss and example?

Loss is defined as having something or someone leave or be taken away from you, a feeling of grief when something is gone, or a decline in money. An example of loss is when your parent dies. An example of loss is when you are fired from your job. An example of loss is what you feel when your pet dies.