Question: What’S The Opposite Of Party Pooper?

What is the opposite of disturbing?

Antonyms of DISTURBING easy, light, reassuring, pleasing, good, peaceful, consoling, comfortable, comforting, agreeable, nice, restful, convenient, settling, inviting, encouraging, lulling, pleasant, quiet, happy, auspicious, delightful, helpful, tranquil, pacific..

What’s another name for a party?

For more party fodder, here are 15 ways to say “party,” and a brief look at each word’s history:celebration. Definition: to do something special or enjoyable for an important event, occasion, holiday, etc. … spree. … saturnalia. … wing-ding. … soiree. … festivity. … shindig. … hootenanny.More items…•

What do you call an afternoon party?

tea party. noun. a small party in the afternoon where tea, sandwiches, cakes etc are served.

What is the word for lack of empathy?

By definition, empathy is the opposite of apathy. Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” — within + feeling or inside + suffering. Apathy is defined as “a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern” — not + feeling or without + suffering.

What means empty?

Adjective. empty, vacant, blank, void, vacuous mean lacking contents which could or should be present. empty suggests a complete absence of contents. an empty bucket vacant suggests an absence of appropriate contents or occupants.

What is the opposite of agile?

What is the opposite of agile? Here are the antonyms for the word agile from Word Hippo: Clumsy, apathetic, depressed, dispirited, down, dull, ignorant, inactive, lazy, lethargic, lifeless, rigid, slow, sluggish, stiff, stupid, brittle.

What is the opposite of an opponent?

opponent(noun) Antonyms: supporter, proponent, advocate.

What is a formal party called?

What is another word for formal party?receptionpartyshindigsocialaffairbingeblastblowouteventfestivity168 more rows

Is party pooper a bad word?

noun Slang. a person who does not have the interest or vitality to participate actively in a party or other social activity and whose mood, attitude, or personality lessens others’ enjoyment; killjoy: Don’t be a party pooper—have a beer!

What do you call someone who parties a lot?

Partier (alternatively partyer) – usually a negative connotation. He flunked out of college because he was too busy being a partier to study. (Note – the proper usage of this term is to describe a party attendee. This usage is slangy.)

Do I disturb you or am I disturbing you?

When calling someone on the phone, which one is correct : “Do I disturb you ?” or “Am I disturbing you ?” If you ask “Do I disturb you?” you are asking if, in general, the person finds you disturbing.

What’s a word for disturbing?

Disturbing Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for disturbing?troublingupsettingunsettlingworryingalarmingdisquietingdiscomposingdismayingfrighteningstartling215 more rows

What’s a word for feeling empty?

TFD – sad or lonely, especially from being deserted or abandoned. MW – bereft, forsaken. “left quite forlorn of hope”. Sad and lonely because of isolation or desertion.

What is another word for opponents?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for opponent, like: competitor, learned colleague, defender, colleague, helper, associate, partner, claimant, emulator, striver and contender.

What’s a day party called?

Darty refers to the concept of a daytime parties, which are thrown at US colleges.

What’s another word for party pooper?

Similar words for party pooper: naysayer (noun) pessimist (noun) someone who spoils others’ fun (noun) wet blanket (noun)

What is the opposite of empty?

copious, sufficient, replete, complete, satisfied, entire, full, fruitful, sated, filled, productive, effective, abundant.

What is a party pooper?

: a person who refuses to join in the fun of a party broadly : one who refuses to go along with everyone else.

What is the synonyms of disturbing?

Synonyms of ‘disturbing’ The disease has spread at an alarming rate. The latest crime statistics are frightening. The prospect of change of this kind has an unsettling effect. He has a disconcerting habit of staring at you when he talks to you.

What is another word for agile?

SYNONYMS FOR agile 1 nimble, sprightly. 2 brisk, spry.

What is the opposite word of party?

noun: looker-on, nonparticipant, beast, individual, brute, observer, bystander, single, animal, onlooker, critter, watcher, spectator, BEASTIE, wallflower.