Question: Why Did Charlotte And Templeton Decide To Go To The Fair?

What did Wilbur do when Avery made faces at him?

What did Wilbur do when Avery made faces at him.

He escaped from his crate.

He fainted.

He made faces back at Avery..

Why did Charlotte Use dry thread for the new word?

In Chapter 13, Charlotte decides to use dry thread for her message, because animals would get caught in a web made from sticky thread and destroy the word ”terrific.

What did Charlotte write in her web at the fair?

When Wilbur gets in trouble, Charlotte the spider tries to save the day by writing adjectives –words that describe Wilbur — in her web. She writes things like, “Some Pig”, “Terrific”, “Radiant” and “Humble.” These words all describe what kind of pig Wilbur is – he is some terrific, radiant, humble pig!

Why was Charlotte hesitant about going to the fair with Wilbur?

Charlotte was hesitant about going to the fair with Wilbur because the fair came at a bad time, and it was rather inconvenient for her to leave home at that point. It was egg laying time for Charlotte and she needed to make an egg sack and fill it with eggs.

What does Templeton find that Charlotte thinks is perfect?

What does Templeton find that Charlotte thinks is perfect? Why? Mrs. Arable was very shocked to see Fern riding the Ferris wheel with Henry Fussy, but she was glad she was making friends with humans and not just animals.

What did Wilbur win at the fair?

The large pig named Uncle wins first prize but Wilbur wins money and a medal for being so “radiant”, “humble”, and “terrific”. Wilbur soon finds out that Charlotte will be having babies at the fair.

Why is it important for Templeton to go to the fair?

It is important for Templeton to go to the fair to run errands. Why is it important for Templeton to go to the fair? The sheep said that if Templeton goes to the fair, he will have a feast with a lot of food to eat.

Who gave Wilbur a buttermilk bath?

Mrs. ZuckermanFor Wilbur, getting ready for the fair means enjoying a buttermilk bath from Mrs. Zuckerman. Mr. Zuckerman doesn’t think Wilbur is dirty at all, but Mrs.

How much money does Mr arable give Fern at the fair?

Wilbur and his unseen companions, the Zuckermans and the Arables, arrive at the fair. Fern and Avery add to the chaos by instantly asking for spending money. Mr. Arable hands them each 70 cents, and off they go, followed by shouted warnings from their parents.

What did Charlotte say to Wilbur to calm his fears over being killed?

Charlotte calmed Wilbur’s fears because she told him that he was a famous pig and a good pig, and that he would probably win a prize. The whole world would be happy to hear about him and Zuckerman would be proud to own such a pig.

How does Templeton help Charlotte?

He was a rat who helped Charlotte save Wilbur from death even though he didn’t particularly care for Wilbur’s life. … Later when Charlotte is near death, Wilbur orders Templeton to help him get Charlotte’s egg sac. When he is slow to comply, Wilbur insults him by causing him of never thinking of anyone but himself.

How many eggs is the goose sitting on in Charlotte’s Web?

eight eggsThe fast talking goose who is friends with Wilbur. She had seven goslings and their fate was unknown. By the end of the book Golly was sitting on eight eggs.

How did the old sheep convince Templeton to go to the fair?

5: How does the old sheep convince Templeton to go to the Fair? She says Templeton owes Wilbur a favor. She says Templeton will find lots of food to eat there. She promises she will get the goose to give Templeton another egg.

Why did Wilbur faint at the fair?

Wilbur faints when he hears that the Zuckermans eventually plan to slaughter him, and must be revived with a pail full of water before he’s pushed into the crate. This chapter is important because it’s the point in the story where the human characters are more concerned with their looks instead of work.

Who went to the fair with Wilbur?

What two barn animals went to the fair with Wilbur? Charlotte and the gander.

Why does Templeton agree to save Wilbur’s?

What does that mean ? It means that their lives are the same and if Wilbur dies Templeton dies. What did Templeton agree to save Wilbur ? So he wouldn’t die.

What did Charlotte say to Wilbur?

The novel tells the story of a livestock pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte. When Wilbur is in danger of being slaughtered by the farmer, Charlotte writes messages praising Wilbur (such as “Some Pig”) in her web in order to persuade the farmer to let him live.

Why does Templeton agree to help Charlotte?

Templeton reluctantly agrees to help the cause. Templeton represents self-interest and greed. … Even though the other animals are excited to help Charlotte and Wilbur because they believe Wilbur’s life should be saved, Templeton only cares about himself.

What word did Templeton find at the fair?

Again Charlotte says this is the last word she’ll ever write, and again Templeton pays no attention. He unrolls the piece of paper, revealing the word Humble. Charlotte tells him the word describes Wilbur perfectly. “Run along, if you want to see more of the Fair,” she suggests.

Who broke the rotten egg in Charlotte’s Web?

AveryAs the children approach the barn, Avery notices Charlotte for the first time and tries to knock her out of her web into his box. As he topples on the stool he loses his balance, tipping Wilbur’s trough and breaking the goose’s rotten egg.

What did Templeton have a habit of doing?

‘ (Templeton had a habit of picking up unusual objects around the farm and storing them in his home. He saved everything.)” This passage shows that Templeton is a pack rat. A pack rat collects and keeps unneeded junk—bits and pieces of anything!