Quick Answer: How Do You Say Giotto?

What does Giotto mean?

The name Giotto is a boy’s name of Italian origin meaning “pledge of peace”.

This appealing Italian name is associated with the great Florentine painter and architect Giotto di Bondone, a major force in the Italian Renaissance..

What is the meaning of Giuseppe?

The name Giuseppe means God Will Add, Increase and is of Italian origin. Giuseppe is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. Italian form of Joseph.

What does the name Dieter mean in English?

Means “warrior of the people”, derived from the Germanic elements theud “people” and hari “army”.

What does Mingming mean?

(childish) a cat; a kitten. (common) name of a cat.

Is Dieter a German name?

Dieter is a German given name, a short form of Dietrich, from theod+ric “people ruler”, see Theodoric.

Is Giovanni Italian for John?

Giovanni is a male Italian given name (from Latin Ioannes). It is the Italian equivalent of John. Giovanni is frequently contracted to Gianni, Gian, or Gio, particularly in the name Gianbattista, and can also be found as a surname.

How do you say dieter?

“Dee”-ter rhymes with peter with a long e….Pronounce Names.Pronunciation:d ee t er d ee t er do see to hurt What does this mean?Gender:MaleOrigin:German2 more rows

What is a Ming?

Ming(ProperNoun) A former dynasty in China, reigning from the end of the Yuan to the beginning of the Qing. Etymology: From mingen, mengen, mungen, muneȝen, from myngian, mynegian, gemynegian, from myne, from gemunan, from munanan, from men-. Merged in Middle English with gemyndgian. More at mind.

Is Ming a Chinese name?

Ming is the Mandarin pinyin and Wade–Giles romanization of the Chinese surname written 明 in Chinese character. Ming is listed 111th in the Song dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames. It is not among the 300 most common surnames in China, according to a 2008 study.

How do you pronounce Chinese names?

To make the pinyin “x-” sound, try to make a “sh” sound while the tip of your tongue is down, below your lower front teeth. The middle of your tongue should rise to the roof of your mouth to make the sound. This should feel weird, because this is not something you normally do in English.

Is Pino short for Giuseppe?

As an Italian name, Pino is a nickname for Giuseppe, itself the Italian form of the given name Joseph.

How do you say Jian?

“Jian” is a common chinese surname….Pronounce Names.Pronunciation:J-i-ah-unMeaning:To build, construct, found, establishAdditional Information:Mainland Chinese here2 more rows

What does Ming Míng mean in Chinese?

The Chinese word ming – 明 – míng. (bright in Chinese)

What is a dieter?

Medical Definition of dieter : one that diets especially : a person that consumes a reduced allowance of food in order to lose weight.

What is short for Giuseppe?

Other names. Nickname(s) Pino, Beppe, Peppino. Related names. Joseph, Joe (given name), Giuseppina (given name)