Quick Answer: How Do You Send An Attachment On A Samsung Galaxy?

Why can’t I attach a picture to my text message?

There should be some reference to MMS settings and it should have your operator’s MMS settings.

Also, check out the settings found in Messaging -> Menu button -> Settings -> Multimedia message (MMS) settings -> Creation mode ..

How do I send a picture as an attachment on Android?

Here’s the general procedure:Visit the app that created the attachment. For example, to send a photo, open the Gallery or Pictures app.View the specific item you want to attach. In the Gallery app, view an image full-screen. … Touch the Share icon. A list of apps appears.Choose Email or Gmail. … Compose the message.

How do you send a photo as an attachment?

AndroidTap the photo icon in the bottom of the message entry field to attach a photo, or the camera icon to take a photo.If you tapped the photo icon, find and select the photo you want to send. … Once it has finished uploading, you can type out a message, or leave the message blank, and hit the send icon to send it.

How do I attach a photo on my Samsung Galaxy?

Share Picture from Gallery – Samsung Galaxy S® 5From a Home screen, navigate: Apps. > Gallery. … Tap the preferred photo.Tap Share. … From the Share via prompt, tap one of the available options (e.g., Bluetooth, Cloud, Email, Gmail, Messaging, etc.). … Enter any additional information required to send or share the picture.

How do I send an attachment on my Samsung phone?

Send a saved picture or video in a messageFrom the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray.Tap the Messages icon.Tap the Compose icon.Enter message recipient or choose from Contacts.Enter message text in the Enter message field.Tap the Attach icon (paper clip).Tap Image or Video.More items…

How do I attach a file to an email on my Samsung Galaxy?

To attach the file when you send e-mail on my Phone, follow the steps below:From the standby screen, tap App.Select Email.Select Create mail icon.Select Attach.Choose the folder where the desired file is located. You can then select the file you wish to add. Related Questions.

How do I send an attachment from my phone?

Attach a fileOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .Tap Compose .Tap Attach .Tap Attach file or Insert from Drive.Choose the file you want to attach.

Where is attachment button in text message?

Compose a text message as you normally do. Touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon, and choose the Insert or Attach command. You may also see a Paperclip icon on the message composition screen. Here, a Camera icon is used to attach images.

Where is the Attach button?

When editing a message, you can find the “Attach File” button located in the bottom left hand corner of the message editor. Clicking that button will open a window for you to select the file you wish to attach.

How do I attach a PDF file to a text message?

In your message box, select the paperclip icon. Select upload, and proceed to select and upload your desired PDF. You can also upload it by pasting in a URL. Once your PDF is uploaded, select it and press the blue include button.

Where is the attachment button on Samsung?

To add an attachment, tap the icon that looks like a paper clip to the left of where you enter text. The paper-clip icon brings up the screen you see here, which asks what kind of file you want to attach.

How do I send a picture as an attachment on Samsung?

Android: Send Picture in Email or Text MessageOpen the “Messages” app.Select the + icon, then choose a recipient or open an existing message thread.Select the + icon to add an attachment.Tap the Camera icon to take a picture, or tap the Gallery icon to browse for a photo to attach.More items…