Quick Answer: How Much Is A Luas Fine?

Can Luas inspectors touch you?

Luas inspectors cannot stop someone on the public pavement.

Transdev, which operates the Luas, declined to comment on the judge’s decision..

How much is the Luas with a leap card?

Leap Card Zonal FaresLeap Card FaresAdult & StudentAdult & Student1 zone€1.54€1.542 zones€2.00€2.003 zones€2.27€2.272 more rows

Do you tap off with your credit card?

Contactless is a quick and easy way to pay for your trip on public transport on the Opal network. If you have an American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card or a linked device, you can use it to pay for your travel by tapping on and tapping off at Opal readers. … Find out more about paying the right fare.

What are Luas zones?

The ZonesDocklandsThe Point to Connolly/Busaras/George’s DockCentral 1Heuston to Connolly, St Stephen’s Green to CharlemontRed 2Heuston to Suir RoadRed 3Suir Road to Red CowRed 4Red Cow to Tallaght/Saggart4 more rows•Nov 15, 2013

How many stops are on the Red Luas line?

32 StopsLuas Red Line is 20kms in length and has 32 Stops. It runs from Tallaght to The Point and from Saggart to Connolly.

How do you pay for Luas?

To make payment on a standard fare with a debit/credit card, please go to the ‘Pay a Standard Fare’ option on our homepage or call Luas Customer Service LoCall 1850 300 604.

How do you pay for trams in Dublin?

Tickets and fares for Dublin tram servicesTickets for Dublin trams can be purchased at each stop, using the ticket machine provided.Alternatively you can make use of a smartcard ticket called a ‘Leap Card’, which provides you with up to 24% discount on travel and can be topped up as necessary with credit.More items…

Is Luas free for pensioners?

Travel on Luas is free for those in possession of a Public Services Free Travel Pass or pensioners’ Public Services Free Travel Pass.

Does train ticket include Luas?

Yes, a Luas add on is available for customer travelling on rail services. … The Luas ticket allows customers to travel on the Luas Red Line between Dublin Heuston and Dublin Connolly/George’s Dock or the 90 and 145 Dublin Bus to Lesson Street for the date or dates on the ticket only.

What happens if you forget to tap off Leap card?

When you Touch-Off the appropriate amount is refunded to your card. If you forget to Touch-Off, the default fare will be the final fare charged for the journey. You can check your Travel Credit balance and Top-Up your TFI Leap Card at ticket machines in stations in Dublin (Cork coming soon).

What happens if you forget to tap your EZ Link?

Originally Answered: What should I do if I forgot to tap out when I am getting off the bus (Singapore)? It is an EZ-Link card. They will deduct you ezlink money. Just a small matter, either pay the maximum fare for that route or go to any bus terminal to rectify the fault at the counter.

What happens if you tap on and off at the same station?

Nope, you’re charged the minimum fare. However, if you tap on, and then return and tap off within 30 minutes of tapping on at the same wharf or station, it will be free as it will be considered a tap on reversal.

Are the Luas lines connected?

Once complete, the existing Luas red and green lines will be connected by the new cross city line. Technically the new line is an extension of the green line from Stephen’s Green to Broombridge Station in Cabra, creating an interchange with the red line at O’Connell Street.

How much is the Luas fare?

Single TicketAdultAdult & Student1 zone€2.10€1.542 zones€2.80€2.003 zones€3.10€2.274 zones€3.10€2.272 more rows

What happens when you forget to tap off?

If you do not tap on but do tap off at the end, you will be charged the default fare. If you tap on at the beginning and then forget to tap off at the end of your trip, you will be charged the default fare for an incomplete trip. Incomplete trips are not counted towards the Weekly Travel Reward on your Opal card.