Quick Answer: Is Con For Or Against?

What is a pro in Dubai?

PRO Services in Dubai, UAE.

Companies in the UAE require the services of a Government Liaison Officer, otherwise known as a Public Relations Officer.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) services refer to professional document clearing services, pertaining to processing governmental documents and paperwork..

What’s a con artist?

: a person who tricks other people in order to get their money The couple lost their savings to a con artist who told them he was an investment broker.

What does it mean when someone cons you?

If someone cons you, they persuade you to do something or believe something by telling you things that are not true. … A con is a trick in which someone deceives you by telling you something that is not true.

What is another word for pros and cons?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pros-and-cons, like: reasons, arguments, logomachical, pilpulistic, polemical and logomachic.

What means a in Spanish?

In Spanish when you ask a question you put the preposition at the beginning of the sentence. The A is the prep. … It is a preposition, most commonly denoted as “to.” In this case, your question means “To where do you go to dance?”

Is Pro for or against?

Pro means for or in favor of. For example pro life, pro peace. Con means anti or against. Pro is not an abbreviation, con is technically an abbreviation but is usually accepted as a word in its own right.

What is the full name of pro?

Pro is an abbreviation meaning “professional”.

What does Noob stand for?

NOOBAcronymDefinitionNOOB[not an acronym] Newbie (a new person; often used pejoratively)NOOBNone of Our Business

What does EN mean in Spanish?

“En” can be used to mean “in”, “on”, or “at” in Spanish, and it is used to indicate location and time. It is also used to indicate how people get to other places.

What words start with con?

14-letter words that start with conconstitutional.congregational.containerboard.conspiratorial.concessionaire.conglomeration.constructivism.congratulation.More items…

How do you use con in a sentence?

Use “con” in a sentence | “con” sentence examplesThis so-called bargain is just a con!The scheme was all a big con.They con spired to overthrow the Government.The so-called bargain was just a big con!The con artist bamboozled her out of $600.The resolution was carried nem con.He’s a real con artist .More items…•

Is cons positive or negative?

Yes, the two terms imply the same. ‘Pros and cons’ comes from Latin pro et contra meaning ‘for and against’. It actually means ‘the positive and negative aspects of an argument’. I would say that they mean more or less the same thing and can be basically used interchangeably.

What’s another way to say pros and cons?

Synonymsadvantages and disadvantages.assets and liabilities.fors and againsts.for and against.gains and losses.opportunities and obstacles.strengths and weaknesses.positives and negatives.More items…

What is pro and cons?

phrase. The pros and cons of something are its advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision. Motherhood has both its pros and cons.

Is Con short for something?

2 Answers. Pro is Latin for “for”; contra is Latin for “against”. Con is simply short for contra (a single syllable to match pro).

What does pros stand for?

pros and cons. Arguments or considerations for and against something, as in We’d best weigh all the pros and cons before we decide to add a new wing to the library. This idiom is taken from the Latin pro for “for” and con for “against.” [

What does Con mean in a word?

connect, consensus, and concludeThe prefix con-, which means “with” or “thoroughly,” appears in numerous English vocabulary words, for example: connect, consensus, and conclude.

Is con a real word?

A con, or confidence game, is a swindle — when you take advantage of someone’s trust. If you con someone out of their life savings, you might wind up a con — as in convict. The word con has many meanings, none of them good.

What does Con mean in writing?

noun (usually plural) an argument or vote against a proposal, motion, etc. a person who argues or votes against a proposal, motion, etc. Compare pro 1See also pros and cons.